New Resolutions with my New Planner

I’m not calling it a resolution. Don’t call it a resolution. But I’m really trying to be better at planning my schedules. It just so happens that I made this decision around December 31st, and it just so happens that planners are plentiful in the New Year.

It helps my anxiety to plan out even my most uneventful days. It also helps me add events I normally wouldn’t to my schedule to see more of my friends and family. What I didn’t realize was how picky I was about the structure of the pages! I had specific criteria for the monthly, weekly and daily breakdowns and it also had to look cute, of course.

I found the culmination of my desires at the greatest store in the world, Target:



I love the hourly breakdowns because everyday with a little one at home is going to be different, and I like to plan out my days in advance if I can. I find I actually follow them more closely than if I were to wing it.

I also love the soft pink design and the minimalist Gatsby-esque font!

The point here is that we all have to find that thing that calms our anxiety and gives us something to be busy with and look forward to. Just another tip to help us be moderately functioning moms.


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